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Gtex Trade Ltd

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Our Plan

GTex Trade Limited's Public Offer at a glance

Gtex Trade Limited is among the best private investors. They offer global investment services via the Internet. The company allegedly has highly qualified brokers in investments who focus on markets of currency exchange and are top managers in the enterprise.

Daily Profit Up To 4%

Guaranteed Daily Payments

Strong Data Protection System

DDoS Protected Server

24/7 Competent Support

Detailed Daily Trading Reports

Instant Deposit/Withdrawal Process

Wide Choice Of Payment Methods

Initial Deposit Return

What They Offer In Investments

They invite you to go in investments field in financial markets even if you are unfamiliar with this world absolutely.

What does our profit distribution system look like?

Calculations have been made based on everyday trading reports. If you wish to invest in global financial markets, but you are not sure if you can handle this all by yourself, Gtex Trade Limited is your best choice! Gtex Trade Limited. Experts possess the nowledge and experience necessary to manage your assets nearly risk-free. Gtex Trade Limited. is offering its investors to obtain significant earnings via investment plans, based on daily profit sharing and reserve fund allocation model.

Common features of all offered investment plans:

  • Investment Term is 240 trading days. Earnings are credited daily and are available for withdrawal or re-deposit. Upon investment term expiration, principal amount can be either withdrawn or re-deposited.
  • Compounding Option is Available. If so desired, Investors may choose to compound their daily earnings automatically. Compounding rate can be changed by the user at any time.
  • Daily Profit Percentage is Variable. Daily earnings credited to user accounts are company performance based and are a subject to additional variations, based on the amount deposited by the user.
  • Insurance/Reserve Fund Allocations (0.3% Daily Guaranteed Minimum in Earnings). In order to generate constant positive flow of funds for investors, as well as for company employees and management, a portion of obtained profits is being daily allocated to the Insurance/Reserve fund. On the days when trading activity resulted in losses, at least 0.3% of profit is withdrawn from the reserve fund and used for distribution.
  • Automatic Investment Plan Upgrades. Any given account will be automatically upgraded by the system to the higher plan level, when principal balance will reach corresponding value. The increase of principal amount can be a result of additionally made deposits, or via the use of compounding option.

Company daily profits are shown in the "Trading Reports" section, alone with the actual trading results for any given day. For the days when trading activity produces a loss, the summary table will display actual profit for such days, but guaranteed minimum will be added to the user account for such days. For better investment planning and to see how exactly company daily profits are distributed between investors, company employees, management and reserve fund allocations, please refer to the table below.

Daily profits credited to user accounts are calculated using the following formula : "Investor's Share", times "Company Daily Profit" shown in "Trading Reports" Section), divided by 100.

*Company Remuneration includes both, salaried and performance based compensations.
Account Balance, USD Investor's Share Of Daily Profit
10-1000 50%
1001-5000 55%
5001-20000 60%
20001-50000 65%
50001-200000 70%
200001-400000 75%
400001-Max 80%

1. User has an active deposit of $25,000 and company's current value for daily profit is 4.00%. This user's profit will than be 65% of 4.00%, or 65*4.00/100=2.60% ($650 in earnings will be credited to the account for this day)

2. User has an active deposit of $60,000 and company's current value for daily profit is (negative)2.00% (hypothetical trading related loss for the day). This user's profit will than be 70% of 0.30%, or 70*0.30/100=0.21%. ($126 in earnings will be credited to the account for this day). Minimal profit of 0.3% is used in this example and the actual funds for distribution are pulled from the Insurance/Reserve fund. Let us take that a company profit per day comes to 3% of the money supply in total saying that this is the sum of traded money. From $ 10,000 being on your account, GTex Trade Limited surely earns $ 300 from your deposit. Remember that in this case you do not take the entire sum. The matter is that the system will charge you 15% insurance fund rate. Remember also of a management fee you are expected to pay. Our profit taken net will come to $ 126. We believe that nowhere you get over $ 120 a day with almost no efforts. Of course, days do not look similar and some of them can be more profitable while others might be less profitable. Remember that on every unprofitable day you profit will achieve 0.3%. This means that you will get these funds from company's insurance fund.